4 Ways To Make Money With Your Book

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There are many benefits to writing a book that are not named “money.”

Things such as building credibility for you and your brand, changing the world with your message, stress relief through therapeutic writing, crossing it off your bucket list, and even to stroke your ego.

Okay, so the cool thing is, you can still do ALL of those things and still make some cash.

Here are 4 ways you can make money with your book:

1. Write one that catches fire and then spreads like a virus

Like a viral video, your book has a chance to take off and spread like butter on toast. This is the hope of every single author...ever.

You can’t really count on this, though. It’s rare indeed, but it can happen. Remember 50 Shades Of Grey? It’s like the lottery of book writing.

Your best bet is to put your heart and soul into your book.

Hope for the best, but market like your life depended on it.

2. Write a lot of books

If your goal is to make money on book sales, this is the best option. They may not be bestsellers, but you can sell a few of each and still make some decent money.

They don't even have to be in the same niche. You can write separate books about entirely different subjects. ​

The secret is to get busy writing and build a following. Plain and simple.

It may sound daunting at first; however, you don’t need to write 400-page novels. Short books are an excellent option these days.

3. Books in bulk

Find companies or schools that can benefit from your book, and then send a proposal for a bulk order of your book. 

Say your book was about a new sales system for door-to-door sales people. You can reach out to a company that sells door-to-door and get them to buy the book for their entire sales team. ​

In order for this to be effective, you must truly believe that your book can help those that read it. There’s no doubt you’ll have to send a copy of your book to the person you pitch it to, so keep that in mind. 

Would you agree to buy something in bulk without checking it out first? Of course not.

If you’re prepared to reach out to people and taste some rejection, this is a great opportunity.

4. Use your book to get speaking engagements

As an author you have some sway.

You wrote a book so you have that knowledge inside of you. All you need to do is prepare a presentation based on the knowledge from your book.

That’s your new product; your book is what gets you a meeting to pitch it.

This is perfect for companies that hire speakers for corporate events or even locally at their offices. The key is to find the right fit for your message.

Again, this requires that you reach out to people, and likely face rejection. If you can withstand a few rounds of “no,” then this is yet another option to make some cash with a little help from your book.


There are options to make money with your book. There out there, and these 4 methods are a good start.  

Brainstorm. Think of creative opportunities to add to the 4 we've gone over.

There are too many reasons why you SHOULD write a book; I can’t think of any really good reasons why you shouldn’t.

Get started. We can help.

Please share this post. It's time to help the world deliver their books instead of letting them die inside. ​


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