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Meet The Crew

I’m Matt Kramer

I’m Joe Rodriguez

I published a bestselling book about overcoming the fear of public speaking.

The reason why? Because public speaking scared the hell out of me, and I didn’t want anyone else going through that torture.

Well, writing a book was equally painful. It took me a year and three months of guerilla warfare to finally finish it!

But get this, just like how the fear of public speaking inspired me to write a book, the struggles from publishing a book inspired me to start The Publishing Crew.

I learned the hard way. I wasted time. I wasted money. I stressed plenty. But you know what? I’m grateful, because now you won’t have to stress trying to figure it all out like I did.

Are you ready to be an author? You can be.  

I dropped out of high school and failed English class, but somehow I managed to become a bestselling author.

During the process of writing my book, I wasted so much time doing things the wrong way, including dealing with unreliable and even downright hostile freelancers—which cost me money too!

And that’s why we launched The Publishing Crew: to offer you a fast, reliable, and pain-free publishing solution.

Look, there are many reasons to write a book, and all we’ve done is eliminated the reasons not to.

If a guy that failed high school and at one time was homeless can do it, so can you.

Joe doing his thing during the Toastmasters International Speech Contest.