4 Ways To Make Money With Your Book

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There are many benefits to writing a book that are not named “money.”Things such as building credibility for you and your brand, changing the world with your message, stress relief through therapeutic writing, crossing it off your bucket list, and even to stroke your ego.Okay, so the cool thing is, you can still do ALL of those things and still … Read More

This Is Why You Should Write Your Book Now

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You’ll write your book next year, right? Or maybe you’re feeling ambitious and you’ll start in a few months?Why are we humans so arrogant? We speak of tomorrow like we own it. We don’t.Have you ever read a news story about a fatal tragedy? Why can’t we imagine it could have been our tragic story? “That’ll never happen to me” we think. I wonder … Read More

The 6 Despicable Sins Of Self-Publishing And How To Avoid Them

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Self-publishing is in. It’s hot. There are a lot of reasons why and you’ll hear us talk about them often. It’s not going anywhere anytime soon, so deal with it BIG PUBLISHING!However, just because you can self-publish a book with minimal oversight, doesn’t mean you should set low standards for your book. People still form opinions in case you haven’t … Read More

5 Tips To Make Writing Your Book Easy

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When inspiration spikes, writing feels easy, like finding an excuse to stay home instead of going to the gym. But then real life happens.Inspiration isn’t constant. Our emotions, moods, and motivations fluctuate like a lines on a heart monitor. This means that there will be days when writing will be a struggle. This is normal.However, there are ways that can make … Read More

3 Reasons Short Books Are Better Than Long Books

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Most people I talk to about writing their book give me a response like this: “I don’t know enough to fill a 400 page book!”I think to myself, “Great! You’re exactly the type of author I’d buy books from!”Chances are, most people have more than enough knowledge, information, experience, opinions, etc. to fill up over 1000 pages.On the other hand, … Read More

The 5 Best Topics To Write Your Book About

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Yet another contraceptive that prevents people from giving birth to their book.Do these sound familiar? “What the heck can I write about?” or “Who am I? Why would anyone want to read something that I wrote?”I’ve been there so I won’t for a second try and marginalize them. Those feelings are a reality for most people.So, today we’re going to … Read More

5 Reasons You Don’t Have To Be A Writer To Write A Book

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A gigantic roadblock stopping people from writing their book is thinking they need to be a “Writer.”This is so far from the truth that it makes the “Boogieman” seem reasonable in comparison. Maybe it was an idea spread by the BIG PUBLISHING houses in order to stop the flood of ideas. After all, they could only suppress them  for so long. Now that people are rising up … Read More

6 Reasons Why You Need To Write And Publish A Book

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Seeing your name on a book never gets old. It wasn’t the main reason I wrote a book, but it’s a nice bonus 🙂The #1 reason I wrote my book, The Perfectionist’s Guide To Public Speaking, was because I solved a huge problem that I had, and which I knew others had, too. Joe had a similar reason for writing … Read More